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For everyone who sells in the International Arena, please be aware of the following SCAM!

Unknown overseas customer asks for a quote for your product, and upon going through the process of quoting, the customer orders via email, with the understanding that he needs to Wire Transfer funds to our bank prior to shipment. (Customer gives his name to be ALIM AZIM (Head of Marketing) in the UAE... Gives his Phone Number to be: +971553989697 and gives his email to be: alyoubeelmarketing02@gmail.com)

As per above, the customer Orders your product via email, then sends a CHECK (made out for more $$$ than the order worth) to your bank for payment.  Asks that you deposit his check, and send to him the difference.

When we advised the customer that we do not accept checks drawn on Overseas Banks, and further advised that he should Wire Transfer the correct amount of funds for his placed order, Mr. Alim Azim apparently got 'cold feet' and went away.

Hopefully this blog will serve as a notice to other businesses to Mr. Alim Azim's scam.

Kolstrand Develops NEW All Stainless Steel Safety Hook

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* *News Release * * - KOLSTRAND Develops New Dungeness LineHauler, dubbed "WESTPORT" for the West Coast Dungeness Crab Fishery

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